Protective Nourishment was founded in 1991 by Yong Lee along with renowned celebrity make up artist, Ilona Herman. Lee envisioned a skincare line that was not only natural, but also powerful enough to be effective for damaged and aging skin. With both masterminds of beauty behind Protective Nourishment, Lee and Herman first introduced the line to the movie industry by gracing the faces of actors such as Uma Thurman, Robert DeNiro, Nicolas Cage, Daryl Hannah, and Christy Turlington (to name a few). As the glowing appearance of the actors were noticed, Protective Nourishment flourished as a leader in the skin care industry. The "Hollywood secret" once only sold to professionals and used by the most revered make up artists is now available to you.

"Using prosthetics or heavy makeup (as in filming) is extremely wearing on the epidermis and it has necessitated me to find a product to feed and nourish the skin. A skincare product that can be used under anything. Working on so many movies, I’ve had the opportunity to try and test most cosmetic treatments that exist on the market, and Protective Nourishment products without a doubt provide the simplest way to treat to the skin. These are products I have tried and tested on all skin types and in many different environmental conditions. They are easy to use and the results obtained are noticeable immediately.

These products literally feed your skin."

-Ilona Herman, Celebrity Make Up Artist


Protective Nourishment is a full skin care line that skillfully combines nature with science and provides immediate results. Protective Nourishment’s unique use of fruits, ranging from pumpkins, cranberries, blueberries, and pomegranates, provide natural vitamins and antioxidants to the skin. These fruits are then combined with naturally derived acids such as Glycolic, Lactic, peptide leader EGF, and tightening agent Matrixyl 1000-3000 to provide instantaneous results. Skin looks and feels noticeably softer, smoother, tighter, and renewed. All ingredients are sourced and all products are manufactured in the US to ensure the best quality. Virtually preservative-free and containing no added scents or enhancers, Protective Nourishment offers a wide range of products suitable for every skin type to achieve a healthy, natural complexion. Protective Nourishment has been featured in publications such as Us Weekly, Elle, Allure, Lucky, Spa Finder, and Brentwood.