Protective Nourishment

Daytime Replenishing Cream

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Daytime Replenishing Cream with EGF to renew and heal all skin types.

A daytime moisturizer that heals and protects your skin. The Daytime Replenishing Cream has a rich creamy texture that absorbs into the skin smoothly and quickly, and works as a finisher for serum applications.

Can be used to heal post-lasered and chemically peeled skin. This unique formulation will not disrupt the peeling of chemically treated skin but will only encourage comfort during its process.

Epidermal Growth Factor, also known as EGF, is a protein that heals and repairs the epidermis and dermis by directly stimulating the proliferation of growth factor receptors. This cream will help promote healthy new skin growth as well as calm irritated skin.

Other key ingredients are aloe vera, pumpkin seed oil, retinol, almond oil and allantoin.

1.7 fl oz/50 ml